About Me
Ran several of my own businesses, and have held senior level positions as Vice President and Executive Director in multiple national and local organizations, managing large groups of individuals as well as multiple divisions simultaneously
Performs public speaking engagements and departmental and public training programs in areas such as recruitment, increasing sales, being a better manager, job coaching and managing profit and loss.
Active in the not-for-profit sector, focusing on the developmental disability population, helping them to realize their true potential and building up life skills and finding jobs. I have also worked with their families, providing guidance in the various directions their child should take and finding them available services to help impact their future.
In both the for-profit and not-for-profit sectors, devoted much of my time to working with my staff, so that they could have a path for advancement and educating them that their position was more than a job.
Devoted much time with the elderly, working and talking with them in their homes, helping them set goals, and even providing them with door-to-door transportation.
Well versed in many aspects of Jewish law and Jewish studies and have run one-on-one and group sessions.
Personal Life
I am a married father and grandparent of 6 married children. I am very active in my local temple in which I take a lead role and have spent many years on the Board of Directors. I am very involved and active in overall Judaic studies on a daily basis. I enjoy activities and discussions surrounding, sports, politics, music and family matters… children in particular. I have coached many children in sports, such as soccer and baseball.
What I can offer and who can benefit?
Those in the business world navigating challanges at their jobs and those in managerial roles in need of a mentor
We all need mentors. “I can’t get along with my boss”, “my boss does not get it” “my boss does not appreciate the work I do”, or on the flip side, “I can’t get my staff to listen to me”, “they don’t come through with their work”, “poor work quality”, etc. Your company is not the only one that experiences these issues, it exists across the board. I have been on both sides of the fence in my 40 years in the business world. There are times when the issue is deep routed and changes must be made, but more often than not, a few adjustments here and there, can do wonders. 
Individuals with developmental disabilities and their families
Having spent the past 12 years working with this population, I can assist both individuals trying to cope with day-to-day challenges and families in need of guidance. I am someone to talk to and I can be a resource. Additionally, I am very familiar with NY and NJ state programming and somewhat familiar with MA and MD state programming.
The elderly
I have spent much of my career working with the elderly and developing a bonding type of a relationship with them. I must admit, I often learn more from them than the other way around. Whether it is an elderly individual with a disability, illness or just someone in need of good company, the relationships I build with them are always cherished by both sides.
Parents and individuals seeking to better manage relationships
Parents and individuals seeking to better manage relationships
Those seeking to further their Jewish education
The level of education you are at now does not matter. I was raised with a Jewish education, but most of what I know today, is from what I learned myself or what I sought out to learn. One of the most enjoyable things I do, is a class I give to a Special Needs group. We learn something called Perkei Avot. It essentially teaches you how to be a better person, through the lens of a Jew. I am happy to cover any topic related to Judaism.
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